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It starts here…

I am excited!  Years and years ago I started a blog..back then it was about fashion.  I love fashion.  Made sense that my blog was about that. I enjoyed every minute of blogging, researching photos and writing.  I always loved writing, words are my thing.  Not painting or drawing….writing.  The last few years I blogged less and less.  Didn’t ignite me anymore.  I came to the conclusion that most followers did not want to read my writings or hear my musings, they wanted to see photos..that seemed to be most popular.  But here’s the thing.  I did not start doing this for followers, I started doing it for me.
 So fast forward, life has changed, I have changed.  I still love fashion but what ignites me is different.  Struggles with weight and self esteem has led me to search for solutions and inspiration. Through this journey I have found out the last few years I had lost a bit of myself.  I had always dressed in a unique way and had my own sense of style and I had lost some of that. Also, I found myself being drawn to other beliefs and passions. Learning about Buddhism, Yoga, meditation and seeing the echo of this in Christianity. And Tattoos!!!  I never thought I would get a tattoo, I now sport three and can’t wait for another!
 So this blog…yeah it’s for me…a place for me to write, because I still love to write.  A place for me to share, all that gets me excited or all that I require to stay on the path. It will be a place for inspiration, Damn I love to be inspired, by other people’s writings, (big Danielle Laporte fan!) by quotes, pictures, stories. It will be a place to document, I still have so much to say, do and share.  It will be a place to share….or not.  Here’s the thing I realized, it’s funny…after you turn 50, (I am 51), you have this wonderful feeling of “no Regrets”. When you are in your 20s, you really should think about things you do, because you are young, carefree and “you don’t care” but 25 years later you actually might care that you are now trying to hide that Tattoo that says, “Suzie loves Bill” (who’s Bill?). And you might be thinking, “why didn’t I go to college” or “why didn’t I take that job”.  Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone regrets these things because many of these things is what shapes you into who you are now.  BUT…..I am sorry, we all have some regrets that even though we learned from the experience, maybe we still hoped it did not happen.
But here I am in my 50s, (EARLY) and I am thinking…what am I bloody well waiting for????  The time is now because who knows what time is left!  Life IS TOO SHORT!!  Yes, I said it!  Why not start now?!  Maybe this change I have been feeling, in my body and with my body is the catalyst for this new journey. Right now I hate myself, yes that is true. I need to get healthier and I need to get fit.  But I also need to change my mindset and reduce stress as well as this need to fix and solve everything. So, this blog is going to help me…and if it helps one other person, AWESOME!  But I am hoping it helps me, makes me accountable, keeps me motivated.  Here goes……..



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