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Good Things Jar


For the last few years I have had myself a Good Things Jar.  What is that you say? My dear friend saw something about it on the internet and told me about it.   All year, every time something memorable and wonderful happens in your year, write it on a piece of paper and throw in the jar.  On New Years Eve, open it up and be reminded of all the great things that happened all year. Well, I LOVED the idea so I dug out one of my husband’s Gramma’s canning jars that was included in a box given to him when she died. They were perfect, a good size, ready to be filled with all things wonderful.  I gave one to my friend and coveted one for myself.  I have now filled it for the last three years. The only difference is that this last year, I did not crack it open and read the contents.  I was sick all through New Years and since then I haven’t felt like emptying it. Not sure why….maybe because there was a lot of things I did want to accomplish last year that I did not.  Most geared towards health and wellness.  I guess I feel a wee bit defeated.  But none the less, I feel like maybe soon, I need to read the past and start anew, because I have this feeling…this inkling that this year will be a great one!!!


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