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Recently while on vacation in Texas, I stumbled across the most amazing magazine in Barnes and Noble.  I may have missed it if for not  deciding to go to the Starbucks to get  coffee. I was waiting in line and turned around to see a small rack featuring some magazines…and there it was.  I was immediately drawn to the beautiful cover. Once I flipped through the pages I could not believe it.  I felt like I found a magazine made for me and the present time in my life. Why have I not heard of this magazine before?  Of course I bought it and spent the rest of the afternoon ingesting all of it’s beauty.

So turns out this is a Dutch magazine that has been around for years but they just started publishing an English version in 2015.  So far there has been 2 issues and they just released their third.  In their own words….

Welcome to this new magazine. A magazine for people who have two feet on the ground, who are aware of living in a changing, hectic society and for that reason are looking for ways to find peace – as a starting point for a happy and harmonious life.

Let me tell you, this magazine is so beautiful!  The pages are thick and rich with stunning photographs, inspiring articles and amazing discoveries.  Seriously I had never heard of the 18 Ities before!  And there is a great article revealing it all.

This magazine struck with me so much that I have purchased a few for friends with similar passions as I feel it is meant to be shared.

In every issue is also beautiful cut away inspirational cards! Wow!


Now unfortunately this magazine is only available in Barnes and Noble in the US and that sucks for us Canadians, but the good news is you can now subscribe for a whole year on their website and shipping is fast and cheap! Their website also has a great Blog and of course beautiful images, as does their Instagram.

Can not wait for my next issue….



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