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My husband and I have no kids, when we bought our home we thought we would one day be blessed with children, so we made sure it had four bedrooms.  When it became apparent that it wasn’t in the cards for us we each took a bedroom for our own.  A den for him to house the big computer…( a Mac of course) and his sports memorabilia and a retreat for me.  Over the years it has gone from Shabby chic to what it is now, much more of a fashionista dressing room complete with tiffany blue accents,a chandlier and lots of room for clothes and accessories. I even attempted and succeeded in doing one wall in a Chanel inspired camellia flower print.  1936356_152661132192_2272686_n

At the time, I loved that room and was very proud of how it turned out but lately my design aesthetic has changed and more importantly so has my style a bit. I have always loved warm colors, and a more ethnic decor, the rest of my house is decorated as such, lots of Moroccan and Eastern influences.  I still LOVE fashion and style but I have always had a funkier vibe, (or tried to).  In the 80s I was a punker!   Anyway,part of my journey is re discovering what I love and what I want surrounding me. So I have decided this year to re energize my room, it will still be a room for me to dress but it will also be a place for me to meditate, unwind and display beautiful things. One of my passions is decorating so I am so excited to begin!

So lately I have been very inspired and energized by a lot of images I have seen on the web.Particularly  anything bohemian, ethnic and eclectic.  Now I don’t profess to be a true Bohemian but I have always thought of myself as a bit avante-garde and alternative so I like to think I have a Bohemian Spirit. And on the internet there are so many variations of Bohemian….. Bohemian Chic, Bohemian Minimalist, Bohemian Gypsy….there was absolutely a lot of choose from.   But I know what I don’t want.


Now don’t get me wrong…this is beautiful! Just too busy for what I want.  I think unless you really really know how to decorate this look can easily look to busy.  (This photo is from a great blog though…check it out…GypsyYaya)

So I have to admit I have had a lot of fun researching and trying to find inspiration on Pinterest.  Thank Goodness for Pinterest hey? So, I am definitely getting some great ideas from all I see.  Sometimes little things from each photo…Love this whitewashed desk contrasting with the deep colors of the rug.

f24f222d13495242cba6d8f0a26bf5a1                                            Source ApartmentTherapy

I absolutely know that I want white or very light grey on my walls to off set the bright colors and vibrant accessories I plan on using. These photos offer great examples of light coloured walls and beautiful accents.

paper lanterns purple blue cream












I can’t believe the incredible inspiration found on some of these amazing blogs and websites.  The site SoulMakes is amazing with great ideas and a SHOP! Love some of the ideas for accessory and jewellery display.

And I love a great DIY project so I am definitely going to try some of these.

b7ff27ce6b0bf6174e425523cb5bfa1a I think I can make this!

and this is a great idea for some “catch alls”

tumblr_inline_mutmyo3Gvv1qcmo46 source

Now one thing I am really big on is Inspiration boards.  Dream boards, memory boards, whatever you may call them.  I have one in my kitchen, one in my office at work and one in my dressing room. But for my re-do, I need to make it bigger as I saw this photo while doing my surfing and fell in love with the feel of this work area.  79e145d84e5c2f6246588b61fa25c8df

I love this!!!  I love the rustic desk! I love the beautiful etched cups from India!  I love the two inspiration boards and I love how the anthology of mementos and tokens overlap and blend, just like life! I gotta find me some of those cups!

So these photos are from GypsyRiver, great blog and another great shop!


So I have shared where I have gotten my ideas and inspiration… will hopefully be the finished result in April.  Can’t wait to decorate, create and enjoy!


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