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Yeah…Yee Yoga!!


Been reading a great book! After reading The Warrior Pose I felt like I needed more. Was hungry for more knowledge and testimony of how the practice and philosophy behind Yoga can transform you.  This book is great, each chapter has specific sequences that address issues ranging from grief, depression, hormonal swings and stress.  The chapters have focused titles such as Truth, Trauma, Forgiveness and Service. And the beautiful part is Colleen opens herself up about  her path to each of these through heartfelt admissions and story telling…real stories. Beautiful book!!!  And part of the book talks about her finding her life mate, Rodney Yee.

Now Rodney is an amazing Yoga instructor, I love his DVDs and actually pulled one out of the dust today and started my yoga practice again. My goal is to start each day with Yoga as I really struggle with fitting it in after work and I need to put into practice somehow and gain confidence in the poses to then broaden my  commitment.


You can learn a lot more about both Colleen and Rodney at Lots of great videos and information on their site.












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