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Personal Mission Statement

imageDo you have a Personal Mission statement?  Many  organizations and companies have corporate missions as  it is now become common practice to create, deliver, and live a mission statement. I think it is a great way  to profess what you aspire to be and what you want to be known for. Creating a Personal Mission statement really makes you think, causes you to reflect on your life and more importantly forces…yes forces…you to ask yourself, “why am I here? How do I want to be remembered?  I personally think that many of us unfortunately underestimate the difference they can make in the lives of all the people we come into contact with. The impact we make on society and in this world. Isn’t that what the whole Power of One movement is all about? I created my statement a few years ago because as a person who daily interacts with people and more importantly regularly mentors individuals, I take my influence pretty seriously. I believe that wether you are a teacher, a coach, a boss, a parent, or any time you are in a position to motivate, support or teach, you have the power to inspire and transform a person’s energy, but you also have the power to disminish someone’s spirit. Imagine if everyone just woke up everyday thinking, “I am going to make someone’s day”              ” I am going to Pay it Forward today”. If all of us thought this way, what a wonderful world we would live in.  Don’t need to write a statement in order to live this way, just gotta do it! But for me, it made me really think, writing it made me commit and reading it regularly keeps me on track. Have I been living this way? Have I been a positive influence?     Can I do better? Be better? Hmmmm….


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