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Golden milk….mmmm

Recently I have been researching a lot of healthier options to improve my well being, my life and of course my health. Oil pulling every morning, drinking Kombucha, drinking “Good girl Moonshine” (more about that later) and every night, drinking Golden milk. What is golden milk? Well, many people may or may not know that turmeric is almost a miracle natural remedy to many things.


Enough said, all you have to do is google it. For centuries people have been using it for many ailments, especially in India. Come to think about it, a beautiful Indian woman who works for me told me years ago how good it is for us.  But here’s the thing, you may not want to put it in everything you eat so making a tea, or Golden milk is a good alternative. Best way to do it is to make a paste out of it as I find it dissolves into the milk better. Here is a great link to a good recipe.image

I personally do like it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and some vanilla and cinnamon. My hubby and I enjoy it warm with either honey or a bit of stevia, ( to keep calories down ) 😉 It’s pretty yummy actually and so worth every drop. Enjoy!


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