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Mala Love


During my exploration into a new part of my life, I discovered many things I had never even heard of.  Oh sure, I had heard of yoga, meditation, chakras, ect…but Mandalas and Mala necklace were new and enlightening to me.  I will delve into Mandalas in a different post but today it’s about Mala necklace.  Now I love jewelry so when I discovered that there was a symbol of mediation that I could wear that was beautiful, I was pretty excited. Been wanting a Mala necklace for a while now. Mala means “meditation garland”,created in India 3000 years ago, (Google it) or check out @tinydevotions to see the beauties they make. Anyway how thrilled was I when my dear friend Sherri presented me with one she lovingly made for me and a set of stacking bracelets!!! And she made it with my intention in mind, it is a Strength Mala. Made with jet lava beads( lava aids inspiration, increases spiritual awareness and draws power and knowledge to the bearer) white howlite, ( super calming stone that relieves stress) and black onyx, (a stone of strength that brings self control, decision making, intuition and protection).  I wear it as often as I can, I can’t explain it but it calms me and gives me peace.

Recently I was speaking to my mother about meditation and she commented that she did not believe she could do it. I remarked to her that every day she sits in quiet and prays the rosary and that is the equivalent to meditation and a mala necklace is like a rosary. That is one of the best ways to describe the practice to many people. Now you obviously don’t need a mala necklace to meditate, for me it is more about the focus it gives me on a daily basis. It reminds me about being mindful and calm and in a world of business and stress, it is a godsend. This year I am hoping to set up a night for my girlfriends to come over and make Malas together. Each friend simply goes online and researches stones, crystals, ect, based on their intentions.  Most supplies can be found at your local bead shop or at Michaels.  I can think of nothing better then an evening of ladies sharing hopes, fears and purpose. What a great night that could be!


One thought on “Mala Love

  1. I had a similar experience discovering Malas! I started Yoga and the lady I follow on Instagram and Youtube always had these beautiful beads she was wearing or somewhere around her and I looked them up online! I bought my first Mala on Etsy back in May and now I started making my own! It gives me such a sense of peace and calming making them and wearing them! I just made a Mala last night with he 7 chakras and since I made it I have been so happy, even though I’m currently suffering through Strep!


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