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Just get outside!


Sunshine, fresh air, exercise, conversation with a friend or mindful walking on your own, getting outside is the best medicine! Didn’t feel myself today, lots on my mind. Things I can’t fix, things maybe I can, most things I shouldn’t worry about, but hey that’s life and that’s me! But that is part of what this blog is about right, changing, accepting, transcending!  So although I had a lot of work to do and wasn’t in the greatest mood, I had to get outside, but before I did, I pulled a truthbomb card as I do pretty regularly and BAM if it didn’t strike a chord! Yup, took it on my walk so I could capture the moment. And….had a great walk! Trying to walk everyday, part of the David Suzuki 30x30challenge.  For the whole month of May, get outside in nature for at least 30 minutes.  Such a simple concept we shouldn’t need a month for but I love a challenge!


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