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The Pathfinder


Apparently I like paths…my friend and I were laughing about it the other day during our morning walk.  I do seem to take a lot of photos of paths, not sure why, maybe it’s the not knowing where it might lead, the unknown. I don’t mind the unknown, keeps life interesting. Or maybe it is what a path represents. A path is going somewhere, it represents a focus, a destination. Hmmmm….kind of like what I am on now…a path to wellness, a path to health…a journey.

So I haven’t posted in a while, havent felt the words, the inspiration.  Unfortunately I have also been very busy with work and also trying to figure out another obstacle to wellness.  Recently I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Man this pissed me off.  I have always been kinda healthy and never really overweight. Usually just 20/30 pounds to lose, (right now about 15 would be great!) But I have always led a demanding life, my own fault really.  I have a job I love but it is definetly demanding and can be stressful. I also tend to be someone who takes care of people, worry about others particularly my family. I will often put them before myself….but I am getting better because I do believe that you are no good to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself. If you are tired, cranky, stressed and not making good decisions, you hurt the ones around you, the ones you love.

So gotta figure this blood pressure thing out, and I am hoping to do it without medicine.  I have been doing the research and it’s not just about cutting back on sodium and losing weight, although all that helps.  There are a lot of foods that can help lower your blood pressure, bananas, beets, apple cider vinegar, (that’s why I will keep drinking my Good Girl Moonshine).

And obviously I am going to keep exercising, walking, ALOT! I am so lucky because my dear friend Tanya, (check out her blog, it’s great!), loves to walk and of course we love to talk so we have been walking warriors lately! Fitting it in wherever and whenever we can.  The other morning we drove to this beautiful place in our city called Moore’s Meadow and had the most beautiful walk! image

And having a busy work schedule can’t interfere with getting healthy, no excuses! I have walking shoes at work and on my lunch I walk for at least 30 minutes around my work neighbourhood. Much better then a working lunch at my desk. And I have more energy in the afternoon and feel great!  So this is my new path….because life is ever changing and there will always be new challenges and obstacles that we have to face. There are forks in the road, or the path….there are hills to overcome and bumps to step over. But there is so much freedom, happiness and beautiful life along the way, In between the paths!image


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