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Prep for health

So Sunday  was my prep day for the week. What’s prep day? I know I am not the only one who does it, if you are a busy woman like I am who wants her family, (my  hubby and I) to eat healthy, a prep day is invaluable. If I do not take the time to fill my fridge with healthy, fresh, nutritious food, then what happens most of the time is unhealthy, processed eating! Many nights I don’t get home until 6pm and often too tired to create a healthy homemade meal, and if I do, we don’t eat until 730, even with the hubbys help. So a prep day is necessary, and thank goodness I love cooking as I must admit, a few hours spent in the kitchen is therapeutic for me.

Anyway, it starts with Pinterest, searching yummy healthy meals, salads, marinades and my new discovery…..Buddha bowls. Love the idea, of lots of yummy wholesome goodness in a bowl. Check out some great ideas here. Can’t wait to try some this week. So last week I had prepped a whole bunch of chicken, three different marinades, an Asian, a smoky chipotle one and a seasoned one to go with anything. I grilled them on the BBQ, then portioned them out into the freezer together with some turkey meatballs. Having the protein ready to go is half the battle for me, next I will be doing some marinated pork on the grill. Now I am not a vegetarian at all, but  I am not a really big meat eater, usually a little chicken, and I love fish and when it comes to pasta, rice and potatoes, almost never! But healthier stuff takes more prep….processed convenience food is….well, convenient, so I need to have some stuff prepped ahead of time to ensure we eat healthy and just as important, if I devote one day a week to prepping, then every day I spend less  time in the kitchen which means I can squeeze in some yoga! I need to do this on this journey of mine.

So what did I do on my prep day? Roasted some beets, sweet potatoes and chick peas for bowls or side dishes. Made a veggie egg strata for breakfasts and lunch, assembled a healthy fruit salad for the week, cooked a pot of quinoa, and baked a healthy chocolate banana bread for my hubby, no sugar or oil….apple sauce, vanilla yogurt and a little honey is all it needs. So a few hours spent in the kitchen is so worth it, and I already have my next day planned out. Make some cauliflower rice, Roast  some more veggies, some fennel, zucchini and more beets this time, I also have been craving this spiralized carrot salad so that too is on the menu.

Once again, having a food prep day is invaluable to healthy eating so turn on your favourite music station, (mine is 80s or jazz), don on your apron,sharpen your knives and do it!  It’s so worth it!  No excuses! 😀😀




2 thoughts on “Prep for health

  1. Prep day is key for me to keep on track with healthy eating as well!! However you make it sound so much more enjoyable than I find it! Great reminder I need to get back to this routine and I love the recipes you shared!


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