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It’s not a race…

Life is not a race. Yes in life there are competitions but life itself should not be. We should not compete for who is more beautiful, who has more “stuff”, who has more friends/followers, who is more successful, who has a bigger better house or who is happier. Happiness to each of us is different. Success for each of us is unique. Winning for each of us reads individually based on our own dreams, hopes, aspirations and goals. Society does not decide what happiness, success and fulfillment is … do! People who dwell in the competition of life suffer from something many of us do not understand and are not qualified to diagnose. So for me, those people are few in my life. I compete with only the person in the mirror, for satisfaction, for fulfillment and for pride. And I spend time with those who inspire, motivate and genuinely feel pure happiness for me. No judging, no keeping score, because it’s not a race. image


2 thoughts on “It’s not a race…

  1. It’s taken me almost 70 years to figure some of these things out! Our society puts so much emphasis on “keeping up” or “being better than” instead of just being. Thanks


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