My name is Maura, Maurinha is what my beloved Dad and many of my parent’s Portuguese friends still call me.  I am 51 going on 38, no kids,  I manage a big retail store in northern British Columbia and many of the wonderful people who work for me are like family…my kids. In  my spare time my husband and I love to travel.  My passions are writing, reading, and I am a big time foodie! My family and friends as such are my heart and soul and my mother is my rock and my love. I also LOVE fashion and consider my style a bit bohemian, a bit funky, a bit classic…..I recently discovered yoga, meditation and all things related which fascinates me.  Mandalas, chakras, Buddhism, meditative colouring, and healthier eating are just some of the things that I continue to research and enjoy. This blog will be a place for me to gather and share some of that as I embark on a journey different from the one travelled in my first 50 years.  I LOVE photography so sometimes I will show my own, other times I may honour others. This is not my first Blog, but it will be my most important.

And as I always say…”No judgement…just enjoyment”




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