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Sometimes we settle, sometimes we compromise on the life we planned, the life we live and the life we share. But, this is your life! Does it matter what “everyone” is wearing, does it matter what society says we should care about, does it matter what someone considers news? Should we compare ourselves to the skinny, the beautiful and the rich? Should we bend to the beliefs of the influential and the media? Should we lower our standards of what we want in our life? If we want peace, love, hope, joy and success do we have to expect less or settle? Is this all there is? Hell no! Never give up on what you dreamed! Never forsake your aspirations and never forget what you always felt was true! Keep those hopes held high, raise those standards….and the universe will meet you there!

balance · beauty · health · inspiration · motivation · new beginnings

Love yourself…..Be Beloved…


Are you beloved?  Do you feel beloved? Hopefully you do. I am hopeful thinking that we all have people in our lives that dearly love us, that make us feel beloved. A spouse, parent, child….friends! But are you beloved by yourself? Do you love yourself greatly and dearly?  Hardest thing to do it seems….but why?  I think for some of us, especially women, we are programmed to put others first. Wether it is our spouses, our children or whatever your particular  life situation dictates, I think that many of us just do not have any love left to give to ourselves.  Unfortunately the other reason is sometimes not that we have no love or energy left but that we simply do NOT love ourselves as we should. Sometimes if you love yourself or God Forbid….make yourself a priority then you are seen as selfish or even conceited or worse…a narcissist!..when really it is not that at all.

But so many of us are not raised to love ourselves, meaning, our parents may have loved us but were we really taught self love?   Actually I think self love is not always something taught to us…it can be tough to teach. Rather I believe it is something we observe while growing up, something we digest, something we absorb….through our parents, our friends, tv, social media, magazines. But unfortunately the tv, social media and magazines can crush any chance of you loving yourself. The body image that is showcased, praised and revered is not a realistic one and when that image is not reflected in your mirror, body hate reels it’s ugly head. This has to stop! But the reality is that self love is hard, self body worship is hard and how do we change it?

Well, I think each person’s journey is unique and their own. We each have to figure it out, but since I am on a journey already, I am adding a steep hill to mine. It will be a tough climb and it may be slow going but I am doing it. And this is how…..well first off, I don’t care much about celebrities and celebrities like the K sisters make my toes curl…agh!  So I don’t buy into the thought that I have to look like them, dress like them and countour my damn face like them!  Please! If I am going to be inspired by famous women and follow them and admire them…it will be because of what they stand behind, what they honor and how they own their body. Adele, Ashley Graham, Mariska Hargitay, and lately I have embraced following many women mastering yoga regardless of size and damn if they don’t rock it! I will saturate my feed with realistic heroines,  wellness gurus, and  genuine divas whose messages are  one of self love, peace, soul searching, and magic! Danielle Laporte, Kris Carr, Emma Mildon and my dear friend at HappinessLight. I will surround myself with people who are happy, real, supportive and love unconditionally. I will see myself through their eyes and I will love and embrace all the things that make us. Personality, attitude, inner beauty, strength, laughter! I will be the type of woman who does not hesitate to support, praise and love other women. I will never look upon other women with jealousy, or intimidation. And finally I will embrace ME and who I am, who I was, what ignites me, what I believe and what I love. I will be open to new discoveries and embrace change. I will rock my own style and not give time or value to critics, negative people and bitter individuals who call themselves “friend”. I will continue to surround myself with positivity, happiness and foster that in my work environment. Yup…that hill to Beloved is there, ahead, calling me and I am climbing it.