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What is your intention?


I don’t set goals, nope, even when many others are ringing in the New Year  with resolutions, I have always set intentions.  AND…I believe in living my life following thought with intentions.  If you say you are going to do something…do it! Now don’t get me wrong, goals are great but for me intentions have always seemed more personal, more full of desire. Actually there is a great article in Yoga Journal that sums up intentions and their place in your yoga and meditation practice.

The word for intention, according to yogic philosophy, is sankalpa. This word can be translated as a vow that has been birthed in the very core of your heart — the place of your deepest truth. It is different than a goal, in that it’s a longing that comes from your highest self instead of your thinking brain. Typically, a goal comes from a place of feeling, like you need to accomplish something to be happy. You may have noticed that even if you achieve a goal, you may still feel unfulfilled.

What the yogic practitioner attempts to do is to create a life in which her goals are the same as her sankalpas (her heart’s deepest longings). We do this by establishing an intimacy with our own inner essence — the quiet voice of our inner teacher that speaks in terms of love, silence, knowingness, kindness, and bliss.

To connect to your heart’s highest intention, simply turn your awareness inward. Meditate on the quiet centre of your heart and ask that silence to reveal a sankalpa that will guide you to real fulfillment. In this way, your individual will (goal) will be super-charged with the universal will (sankalpa).

I love that!  An intention is like a vow that has been birthed in the very core of your heart-the place of your deepest truth!!! That is beautiful and that sums it up. So no more, “I want to lose 15 pounds” or “I want to hike up a mountain”, from now on it is, “I will, I will…I will!”

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