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Prayers answered…



We forget we are blessed. We need to be reminded of our fortunes. Never happy with our circumstance and always yearning for better. Thinking we deserve more and convincing ourselves of our entitlement. Forgetting that we have heart and home, health and stability, faith and hope. Not always noticing the brightness and the warmth, the experiences and the happiness, the love and the devotion that enriches our lives. Prayers answered again and again.

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Your body knows….


Your mind can play tricks on you. That is what they say. Make you feel doubt, frustration, sorrow within the hope and joy. However, your body knows when you can sustain more. Your body reveals when you still have strength left. Your body has courage and will to overcome the fatigue and aches, as well as the bend that doesn’t break and the power that doesn’t fade. Your body pumps with aspiration and determination and convinces the mind to continue, to go forward and to overcome!

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Long for another way…


Sometimes you have to change things up. There is more than one way, more than one solution. Why make life routine? Why risk the boring and mundane? More importantly, don’t give up because something is not working. Life is about taking chances. Be daring and brave! Step out of the comfort zone and crave something new, something different. Long for another way!

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It’s not a race…

Life is not a race. Yes in life there are competitions but life itself should not be. We should not compete for who is more beautiful, who has more “stuff”, who has more friends/followers, who is more successful, who has a bigger better house or who is happier. Happiness to each of us is different. Success for each of us is unique. Winning for each of us reads individually based on our own dreams, hopes, aspirations and goals. Society does not decide what happiness, success and fulfillment is … do! People who dwell in the competition of life suffer from something many of us do not understand and are not qualified to diagnose. So for me, those people are few in my life. I compete with only the person in the mirror, for satisfaction, for fulfillment and for pride. And I spend time with those who inspire, motivate and genuinely feel pure happiness for me. No judging, no keeping score, because it’s not a race. image

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Sometimes we settle, sometimes we compromise on the life we planned, the life we live and the life we share. But, this is your life! Does it matter what “everyone” is wearing, does it matter what society says we should care about, does it matter what someone considers news? Should we compare ourselves to the skinny, the beautiful and the rich? Should we bend to the beliefs of the influential and the media? Should we lower our standards of what we want in our life? If we want peace, love, hope, joy and success do we have to expect less or settle? Is this all there is? Hell no! Never give up on what you dreamed! Never forsake your aspirations and never forget what you always felt was true! Keep those hopes held high, raise those standards….and the universe will meet you there!

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You know the answer


Right or left, up or down, right or wrong, yes or no? Most of the time, we know the answer, it’s in our gut, in our soul and in our heart. But sometimes we just need justification, clarification and validation. Maybe some support, guidance or just good old fashioned fierce advice from a girlfriend, parent or spouse, but in the end….we know the answer.

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Stand in the rain of blessings

Not even rain can stop my treks. 💚💚💚Love this truth, so many of us put up shields because of fear…. Fear of being hurt, fear of seeming weak, fear of being vulnerable, fear of feeling something they are not sure or comfortable with. But what happens is you miss out, miss out on happiness, miss out on experiences, you miss out on lessons that help us to grow and heal and most importantly you miss out on recognizing the blessings. Blessings of love, blessings of health, blessings of friendship, blessings of support, blessings of abundance, blessings of opportunities. Stand in the rain of blessings!