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Hidden Poet

Who knew that Charlie Chaplin was a poet?  I sure didn’t!  Not until I was adoring my latest issue of Happinez that I realized this.  If you have not yet discovered that magazine and if you love and follow yoga, and all the spiritual bliss that comes with it, you have to pick this magazine up.  Anyway, there is a beautiful photo spread showcasing this beautiful poem “Love Yourself” I had to share!
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Truthbomb Thursday

Funny, many of us think we know “who we are”.  But our parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and especially society/media sometimes make that fact hazy. Our parents teach and guide us to believe a certain way, usually based of course on their beliefs or culture. Our teachers give us more knowledge and education more generically in… Continue reading Truthbomb Thursday

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Yeah…Yee Yoga!!

Been reading a great book! After reading The Warrior Pose I felt like I needed more. Was hungry for more knowledge and testimony of how the practice and philosophy behind Yoga can transform you.  This book is great, each chapter has specific sequences that address issues ranging from grief, depression, hormonal swings and stress.  The… Continue reading Yeah…Yee Yoga!!